Brian Thomas Cropp was born and raised near the Flint Hills of Kansas, and now raises his own family in the bustling metropolis of Fort Worth, Texas. He’s a fiction author of children’s books and short stories (with a young adult novel coming soon!). His approach to writing starts with an image – a line from a song, a metaphor someone tosses away – and then make up a story around it. To do this well, he wakes up before the kids do. This may lead to the occasional spelling error, but that’s what editors are for. Brian believes stories should be fun, memorable, and shareable.

His books span a variety of genres, but a good place to start is a short fable called For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, which is FREE everywhere. The easiest way to get this book is to sign up for Brian’s exclusive newsletter, where you’ll get updates on new releases and special offers.

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Praise for Fish Tales:

I really liked the story about the axe head because I’ve never heard it in the Bible before. I like how in the beginning of each story the fish aren’t doing anything, but something interesting happens to them. The illustrations were very good.” – Saranya, age 9

“What a wonderful book to read to children! They will be fascinated to hear the stories from a fish’s point of view. The illustrations are creative, gentle, and perfect for a child’s imagination!” – Tena

“I loved reading familiar Bible stories from an unfamiliar perspective! The illustrations ranged from good to absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to see what the author and illustrator do next.” – Phil

“This book is such a fun perspective to consider as you approach stories we are all familiar with from the bible. The key verse, story and Think About It sections also enable to you talk on a deeper level with your children about the truths from God’s Word so they can become real to your children. You can enjoy this book with kids of all ages!” E. White

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