Sabrina Cubbins & Mr. Alexander’s Pottery Palace

Children’s Chapter Book

It seemed so simple till she listened to Jenny… Sabrina Cubbins is just a simple girl, but when she enrolls at Mr. Alexander’s Pottery Palace, she discovers she has a whole lot more to learn about growing up… After Sabrina gets bad advice that ruins her first pottery project, her parents present her with a mysterious Story Box to help her out. But Sabrina’s biggest challenge lies ahead as she tries to sort out the good friends from the bad. Will Sabrina find her way before the Gallery Awards Night… If you love coming-of-age stories, down to earth heroines, and good, clean family fun, then you’ll love this book from Brian Thomas Cropp. Buy Sabrina Cubbins and Mr. Alexander’s Pottery Palace to watch an ordinary girl become take her first steps toward womanhood. Get it here!

Fish Tales

Children’s Chapter Book

You know the events from the Bible… now, dive underwater to see them through a fish’s eye. 6 short stories include: -Creation -The Parting of the Red Sea -Jonah -Jesus’ Calling the Disciples -& more… Great for bedtime or anytime! Get it here!

Mindy and the Grudge - Kindle

Mindy and the Grudge

Short Story

Mindy comes home from a friend’s house with a grudge. Over time the monster-like grudge grows unruly and threatens not only her relationships but her own life too! Go to Amazon.

For the Benefit of Mr. Kite - Kindle

For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Short Story

A kite recounts his tale of foolishness in his quest for true freedom. Get it here!